To Mayor Goodman, Mayor Pro Tem, the local councillor ...To Toby, Andrew, Mike, and Phil, that was a beautiful rendition of the U.S. anthem. Thank you so much. Mayor Goodman, it's in such sad times that we come together. I wanted to take this opportunity while I was in Las Vegas to send a very strong and clear message - that message that Australia stands with you.

I look out. I see people wearing Vegas Strong shirts and I know that's been the rallying call for many in the Vegas community and the families and loved ones of the 58 victims who are represented in these memorial gardens with these living memorials, the trees that snake their way around this park.

Australia and the United States share such a rich history. In many respects having Human Nature here is the embodiment of the linkages between our people because Australians that now call the U.S. home. I think with only one or two exceptions all your children being born here in the United States. I myself ... My wife is American and you cannot help but feel a deep affection for the U.S. And really, for me as Australia's Trade, Tourism, and Investment Minister, but more importantly as a representative of the Australian people, I just want you to know that we feel the pain that you feel.

We stand alongside you; that we know that this is something that will take months and years of grieving, but you will emerge stronger and more resilient off the back of it. You know as two peoples around the world, Australians and Americans, have always, always been able to remain resilient in the face of adversity. Whether that adversity is external or internal, one thing that binds us as people is our belief that we will not yield to those who seek to do us harm.

We will set an example. We will raise the bar. We will go forward with conviction in our hearts and love in our souls to make sure that we display to the world our concrete belief that we will not yield.

So to the first responders that are here that represent those who reacted in the face of fear - thank you for your incredible service. We always reflect on the fact that while others are running away, going for cover, it is the first responders that are running in the other direction into the face of fear. We do sincerely thank you for that.

Can I just conclude with these remarks, I just want to take this opportunity as I said to stress that Australia stands united with you. We're the shoulder that you can lean on. We're the people that will be with you through this journey. We'll do whatever we can to make sure that as two countries and as two people we're strongly united. Thank you.

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