The Turnbull Coalition Government today announced a joint initiative with the ten countries of ASEAN to promote digital trade and support inclusive economic growth in our region.

The development of the ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards Initiative will provide a framework to support the development, adoption and use of international digital trade standards. Harmonised international standards applied across our region will reduce the costs for Australian business when exporting and importing products and services.

This will mean that a local business in Geelong or Townsville will be able to better access export markets in our region which is home to over 600 million consumers.

The growth of ASEAN as an e-commerce market is outpacing global averages. Taken as a whole, ASEAN is expected to grow above 5.4 per cent each year for the next decade and beyond. This growth creates immense opportunity for Australian businesses looking to sell their products and services online.

International standards that enable digital trade will remove barriers that prevent businesses from accessing regional markets and create new opportunities for jobs and growth. It will help share the benefits of a more inclusive digital economy.

This initiative complements ASEAN’s existing digital economy agenda and builds on Australia and ASEAN’s long history of standards cooperation to promote regional economic integration and inclusive economic growth.

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