Four new senior investment specialists have joined the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Austrade. They will work with a fifth senior investment specialist, who started earlier this year, to attract more investment to Australia.

The senior investment specialists will work, in partnership with the States and Territories, to grow investment into five national priority areas – tourism infrastructure, agribusiness and food, resources and energy, major infrastructure, and advanced manufacturing, services and technology.

The specialists will provide strong advocacy to investors in the priority sectors; advance projects across government to ensure support for increased investment; and assist in bringing proposed projects to fruition.

The Turnbull Coalition Government is working to attract more investment in Australia to create new jobs and drive economic growth.

The new investment specialist appointments are:

  • Kevin Cryan, Senior Investment Specialist Advanced Manufacturing, Services and Technology, located in Sydney.
  • Karen Caston and Anne Maree Weston share the Senior Investment Specialist Agribusiness and Food role, located in Brisbane.
  • Hugh Funder, Senior Investment Specialist Major Infrastructure, located in Sydney.
  • Emma McDonald, Senior Investment Specialist Tourism Infrastructure, located in Brisbane.
  • David Grabau, Resources and Energy, located in Melbourne.

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