Speeches from the Australian Minister for Trade, Mr Bob McMullan


Australia's future in the Asia-Pacific Region
Evatt Foundation, Sydney, 19 December 1995

APEC: Social, Labour and Environmental Issues
Community Aid Abroad Dinner, Canberra, 11 December 1995

Australia China Business Council
Australia China Business Council, Sydney, 25 October 1995

Australia's Strategy on US Export Subsidies
Conference on Managing Risk When Doing Business in America, Sydney, 25 October 1995

Speech to Fair Trade Forum
Wednesday 18 October 1995

Signing Ceremony for the Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers
Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony for the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia and the Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers, Tokyo, 13 October 1995.

Grand Prix Flowerful Australia Flower Arranging Competition
Tokyo, 14 October 1995

Fast Ferry Signing
Kumamoto, 12 October 1995

Australia and Germany
Australia-German Association 'Partnership 2000' Trade and Investment Conference, Melbourne, 6 October 1995.

The Economics of APEC: the Implications for Australia
International Business Asia Lecture Series,Melbourne, 4 October 1995

Wine Industry Outlook Conference
Wine Industry Outlook Conference Canberra, 27 September 1995

Australia-China Forum
The opening of the Australia-China Forum, Shanghai, 19 September 1995

Australia and Hong Kong: Partnership for Prosperity
Australian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, 18 September 1995

APEC: Making Headway
Adelaide, 15 September 1995

Launch of the Brunei Darussalam Australia Business Council
Brunei, 9 September 1995

Australian Business in Vietnam
Hanoi, 7 September 1995

Australia And Vietnam
JTECC Dinner, Hanoi, 6 September 1995

Australia and Vietnam: Partners for Prosperity
Hanoi, 6 September 1995

The Road To Osaka
Foreign Correspondents' Association, Singapore, 31 August 1995

The Overseas Chinese - Keys To Asian Doors
At the launch of the East Asia Analytical Unit's "Overseas Chinese Business Networks Study", Melbourne, 16 August 1995

Project Trade Blazer
Sydney, 18 August 1995

Top Exporters Dinner
Melbourne, 15 August 1995

CEBIT 96 Launch
Sydney, 9 August 1995

Singapore and Australia - A Strategic Business Partnership
Singapore Australia Business Alliance Forum Launch, Sydney, 4 August 1995

Australia-US Trade and Investment: A Partnership in Review
International Business Roundtable UCLA Los Angeles, 1 August 1995

Trade Policy in Asia: After the Auto Agreement - an Australian Perspective
Trade Seminar, Rand Corporation, Los Angeles, 1 August 1995

Australia-US Trade: Current and Future Directions
Atlanta Australian-American Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, 26 July 1995

Delivering Trade Outcomes - the Benefits to Australia and the US
20 July 1995

Doing business in South Africa.
Australia Southern Africa Business Council, Melbourne, 6 July 1995

Winning the agri-food market: From production floor to foreign shore.
Food Media Club, Melbourne, 6 July.

Building Ethnic Business Networks.
"East Meets West Downunder" Evening Melbourne, 5 July

Regional Trade in the 1990s: Expanding Opportunities.
Speech by the Minister for Trade, Senator Bob McMullan, at the Asia Pacific Institute of Advertising Conference on Marketing Opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region, Sydney, 2 June 1995

Choosing our Trade Future.
Speech by the Minister for Trade, Senator Bob McMullan, at the Telstra Address, National Press Club Canberra, 16 June 1995

Speaking notes at a Buffet Reception hosted by the Australian High Commissioner to India, Mr Darren Gribble.
New Delhi, 14 February 1995

Science and Agri-Food Address by the Minister for Trade, Senator Bob McMullan, to the National Science and Industry Forum.
Canberra, Saturday 4 February 1995

Speech by Senator Bob McMullan, Minister for Trade, CEDA House.
Melbourne, 3 February 1995