Demand for Australian goods and services was strong in 2014-15, with export volumes increasing in Western Australia (up 8.3 per cent), Queensland (up 5.5 per cent), Victoria (up 3.2 per cent) and the Australian Capital Territory (up 3 per cent), according to Australia's Trade by State and Territory 2014-15 report released today. 

The report, by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is the latest in the series of DFAT’s annual analysis of international trade and provides a complete statistical guide to goods and services imports and exports for each state and territory.

Resources remained the major export for five of Australia’s states and territories. Western Australia was the main exporter of iron ore and concentrates ($53.4 billion) and natural gas ($13.5 billion), while Queensland ($18.4 billion) and New South Wales ($12.8 billion) were the main exporters of coal. Natural gas was the Northern Territory’s largest export ($2.6 billion) while aluminium, zinc and iron ores and concentrates exports combined to account for 40 per cent (or $1.2 billion) of Tasmania’s total exports.

In 2014-15, Western Australia continued to be Australia's major exporter, accounting for 36.7 per cent of Australia's total exports (valued at $117 billion), followed by New South Wales (19.6 per cent) and Queensland (18 per cent). 

New South Wales was Australia's leading destination for imports, accounting for 36.6 per cent of Australia’s total imports (valued at $124.9 billion), followed by Victoria (24.6 per cent), Queensland (13.6 per cent) and Western Australia (13.5 per cent).

The Coalition Government remains committed to growing Australia’s exports to drive jobs and growth. The three landmark free trade agreements the Coalition concluded with Korea, Japan and China form a powerful trifecta that are creating opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. 

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