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Tuesday 8 October 2002 - MVT122/2002

China's Improved Wool Quota Allocation to Continue

China's decision to extend a trial system for allocating its tariff quota for imports of wool and wool tops for 2003, is good news for wool producers, Trade Minister Mark Vaile said today.

"China is Australia's largest wool customer. Total wool exports to China reached the historically high level of $1,319 million in 2001-02, a 10 per cent increase on the previous financial year," Mr Vaile said.

"The first-come-first served system, trialed by China this year, means Australian wool exporters with valid supply contracts to China automatically get a share of the quota.

"The new system is a significant improvement over previous import arrangements, and its introduction earlier this year was welcomed by Australian industry."

The new tariff quota system and the increasing size of the tariff quota quantities reflect the considerable efforts that the Government has put into assisting China accede to the World Trade Organisation.

"The Government has been talking to the Chinese, on behalf of the Australian wool industry, seeking an extension of the trial, and that effort has clearly paid off.

"We continue to encourage China to improve import conditions for wool, particularly industry concerns with China about the split in tariff quota between wool for domestic use in China and wool for processing and re-export, and statutory import inspection."

Mr Vaile said he had strongly encouraged China to make an early release of the wool tariff quota for 2003.

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